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How To Pack To The Beach Under 60 Seconds

How To Pack To The Beach Under 60 Seconds

Sun is shining, and the weather is heating up. You’re starting to sweat, and you begin to think to yourself, how about a quick trip down the beach? Learn how to pack to the beach in less than a minute.

You start the clock and 60 seconds you are ready to leave. Bliss.

This guide is for you, who wants to leave to the beach in a pinch.

Fill up your tote bag of choice with the basics and essential items you need for a couple of hours at the beach.

Whether you’re a beach local or a newcomer to the beach lifestyle, we’ll have something for you in our guide. Did we miss something? Please comment below, and we’ll have a discussion about it and add it in the post!

How to pack to the beach under 60 seconds | Xantiago Tote Bags

What to pack to the beach

Take a beautiful, durable, and functional beach towel that can take some damage. You don’t want to mess up the only one you might have! A beach towel should also be portable.  Roll it up and see if fits into your tote bag, if yes continue! 

You most definitely will not want to burn up right in the first seconds you arrive at the beach. Take proper sunscreen lotion that you know will work. If you don’t know what is suitable for you, just take the best you have. You could always quickly buy one from the store on your way there. Remember to reapply often, when necessary.

To save space you will want to wear your swimwear with a cover-up, but that is not always possible so toss it right there with the lotion and towel.

For your swimwear, wear something simple to put on, and easy to dry out. You don’t want everything to become wet! Most importantly wear something beautiful that will make you feel amazing at the beach. 

Because we are leaving for the beach at a moments notice, we will not have eaten yet. Grab the best snacks and drinks with you. 

For food, think about snacks that won’t spoil during your sunbathing session unless you will eat them right away when you arrive. We just usually like to empty our snack bars for simple food to go, because hey, we are leaving now, no time to prepare anything fancy or the beautiful day will go away.

Water, water, water. Yes, take as much water as you can. You really don’t want to be dehydrated and lose consciousness while sunbathing and relaxing. 

If you’re in search for a party, don’t hesitate to grab a couple of wine coolers and beers. Don’t drive, of course, take public transport or have a nice walk in the sun. Depending on how far you’re from the beach consider the option for a cooler, but we don’t really care if our drinks get warm, we are in a hurry!

Take and wear any pair of sunglasses with you. Choose the one nearest and cheapest for you. Nothing is more annoying than losing something precious in the void of sand or accidentally breaking them when you sleep on them.

Waterproofing everything might take a long time, so we won’t be doing that. A zip bag will come in handy to put everything that isn’t water or dustproof.

A hat. The quirkier and bigger the better. It’ll save your head from burning up too much and might as well look unique and flawless while doing that. 

Essential toiletries you might need.

Whether you live nearby the beach or not, don’t bother traveling heavy, we are seeking relaxation after all! 

Plan out your day what you will do after the beach if you need to take something extra with you. 

Want to read or listen to music while relaxing the beach, just take whatever you need to make the best out of the day when at the beach. 

Non-swimwear clothing. Just wear whatever you want, why not just clothes you’re wearing right now! Be yourself always.

How to pack to the beach under 60 seconds | Xantiago Tote Bags

Honorable mentions:

We won’t bring the following stuff to the beach, but we see them all the time, so we’ll include some alternative items to bring.

In the end, it’s a list of heavier stuff or related to activities we don’t do ourselves usually when going to the beach.

Beach umbrella, beach chairs, snorkel gear, safety gear, speakers (We would just bring a pair of great waterproof headphones preferably), a cooler, extra juice from a power bank, and toys.

We can pack our tote bag under a minute easily, but surely we’ve done it a couple of times. Rest assured, after a couple of tries, you can do it too!

A helpful tip is to have everything ready in a separate tote bag in your house. With it, you’ll be able to leave to the beach in a matter of walking out of the door.

While every location is different with various needs, these have worked for us in most cases, when we’d have to pack to the beach quickly! Always remember to hack to your requirements.

The perfect beach bag

In short: A tote bag.

Need convincing? Here are 8 reasons why you should take a tote bag to your next beach trip.

1. A tote is just a light, flexible, and unique bag to carry your belongings to the beach. Don’t take an old, worn down, and smelly bag to the beach just to deal with your beach gear.

2. Waterproof. Make sure your tote is a waterproof one to maximize enjoyment! A material that doesn’t get nasty after a bit of sand is also a massive plus. Xantiago totes are just that! Check our store here.

3. Restrict your need to take too much stuff with you. Trust us, the only thing you really need to the beach is yourself to have fun, so why bring everything you might think you’d like! 

4. A tote bag makes it easy to store everything for a quick trip to anywhere. Have a tote prepared the night before, and you will be able to leave the room under 30 seconds. 

5. Easy to pack: Just roll everything into a small roll and stuff it in.

6. It’s not just any bag, it’s a bag you really chose for yourself. Embrace its beauty, and express yourself next time hitting the beach. 

7. Won’t need a second bag after the beach. You’ll have the option hit up the streets right away after some sunbathing action.

8. The freedom of movement. Imagine as we previously said, you’d be at the beach first before your friends, and then they would call you, and they’d ask you to come to meet them, but you’ve already had everything set up. In a tote, you will pack your stuff as fast you packed them in the first place, and you’ll catch up your friends in less time it took you to get out of the house.

So absolutely get a tote for your next beach journey. All around it’s just an excellent bag to have for all times.

A tote bag also has a lot more uses than being just a fabulous beach bag. Check out 127 different uses for a tote bag!

How to pack to the beach under 30 seconds

This was more of a fun way to approach the concept of how to pack to the beach. Take it as a challenge next you’re thinking about going to the beach, but feel like you really don’t want to be packing too much. Just take the bare essentials, and you will have the best time. 

Going for a vacation to the beach? No problem, take this guide as a mindset shift. At your next beach vacation, you will be leaving to the beach and leaving everyone behind jealously to enjoy that sunset a for an hour longer than the rest.

We made a guide for traveling light around the world with just a tote bag, read it for some guidance for your next longer minimal beach vacation. Click here for How to Travel Lightly Around the World With A Tote Bag.

At XANTIAGO, we are all about traveling light with tote bags. Check our bags here and get yourself a tote that resembles who you are within. 

Share this post to a friend, who is coming with you to the beach, and now all of you can reach the beach in a matter of only sixty seconds! 

Have the best quick sunny day at the beach.

The Crew from Xantiago

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