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Xantiago Tote Bag | About Us

About us

Welcome to xantiago

We are a collective of designers, problem-solvers, and freethinkers, and we want to speak out loud.

Xantiago was created by a group of friends, who values being yourself, being free, and having an open mind.

We wanted to create something unprecedented, gorgeous yet useful, and long-lasting.

We strive to make your every day a more unique experience.

Take pride in our long-lasting tote bags to eventually eliminate the need for single-use bags.

To be useful it has to be beautiful, only then you’ll appreciate it until it’s no longer there.

Welcome to Xantiago tote bag online store. Learn who we are and why decided to create XANTIAGO. Join our story and experience something unique.

Hi i'm xavier

Nice to meet you! 

Hopefully you’re having a great time exploring though our minds showcased through our designs. I hope you enjoy the products we have created for you as much we loved creating them. Welcome to our journey and you’re welcomed to join it. Starting XANTIAGO is the best journey I have undertaken.

Trust me, we’ll work hard to create unprecedented experiences for your enjoyment. Our purpose is to make you smile and have the best time while wearing our products.

For any additional questions you might have: Don’t hesitate to contact me at


Crew & Xavier