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127 Uses For Your Tote Bag That Are Awesome, and Useful

127 Uses For Your Tote Bag That Are Awesome, and Useful

We all know that using unrecyclable and single-use bags are terrible to the environment, obviously wasteful, and are ugly to look at. We wanted to list some ideas so you could get more use for your tote bags! Got any ideas that we might have forgotten? Comment below, and we’ll add it into the list!

While there are hundreds of uses for a tote bag, everything from being a simple shopping bag to wacky life hacks we will try to list them all. A tote bag is a thousand things more than just a bag. We hope you get at least a couple of new ideas to use a tote bag that you haven’t tried before.

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Let’s begin and have a blast!

1. Shopping Bag

Take it grocery shopping and really make use of that one bag you have already! A long lasting shopping bag will be a lifesaver in the long run.

2. Laundry Bag

Whether dirty or clean your trusted tote bag will save you in a pinch when doing the weekly laundry.

3. Reusable trash bag

Put clean trash in it and deal with it later in a proper way (you can have it in a car, home, office wherever.

4. Don’t need it anymore?

Give it away to someone who might appreciate it!

5. Use it until it brakes

Try using your bag until there’s nothing left to it. Only this way you have fulfilled its purpose.

6. As packing material

Need to fill a hole in the luggage? Stuff your tote bag inside to make everything more snuggly.

7. For Pleasure

Whatever your guilty pleasures are, a trusted tote bag will carry them for you.

8. Book Cover

Follow the lines of the book and cut. Resulting in a precise looking book cover, Also, create a bookmark!

9. Seal anything

Cut a piece to seal anything like a jar!

10. Clean up the dust from a vacuum cleaner.

Use old tote bags to clean up the dust from the vacuum cleaner.

11. Keep the form of a shoe

Stuff it in. It’ll keep it’s shape for the next season for sure.

12. Low-quality unsafe oven mitten

Trying to take the lid off from kettle, why not use tote? Don’t use it to take anything from the oven though.

13. An emergency ice pack

Just add ice or frozen foods inside of it and use it on wherever you might need to.

14. Have a great crafts idea?

Put that tote bag to use. Reuse in many possible ways to make something beautiful and unique and be proud of it!

15. Paint Guard

How about adding some new design elements to your already cool bag? Use it as paint guard while painting your house or a canvas. You’ll end up with adding great stories to your fine bag!

16. Protect a cast

For a broken arm because why not!

17. Water Bag

Fill it with water and throw it at someone. It’s fun for the whole family. Having a waterproofed bag will drastically be more fun.

18. Keep your dough moist

Wet it up and put on top of some excellent dough and let it rise to the roof.

19. Crush Cookies

A friendly tote bag will always be near you when you need to crush some cookies into oblivion.

20. Warm your feet

Forgot your socks on holiday? No problem a cozy tote will save the day.

21. Wall Garment

Just nail it to the wall and Voilâ. Give your house a unique flavor!

22. Plant delicious herbs

Make the foundation and fill it with seeds and soil and watch them grow. Your herbs will grow in it wonderfully. Basil comes recommended for sure.

23. Handy mans number one tool

Keep all your 101 tools near you when you need them the most.

24. Lunch Bag

A clean bag will work wonders as a lunch box. So carry your sandwich with style!

25. Small Rug

Ever need a small rug to hide something quickly? You guessed it a tote bag will cover any small holes you might need covering.

26. Instant Bag

Have an extra pair of totes in every room to have them ready to go!

27. Store anything anywhere

A tote is a flexible storage unit. You can use it to store any number of smaller or larger items where a regular box wouldn’t fit.

28. Collect garden debris

Pick all the leaves, grass, pine cones you name it. Remember to clean it afterward if you want to use all 126 other ideas though.

29. Compost

If you ever decide it’s time to get a new bag, put some food scraps in the old one and use it later for your plants. I’m assuming you won’t have a place for compost already.

30. Junk mail

Keep your junk mail in one place ready to be recycled

31. Keep the dust away.

Put it over a small appliance after cleaning it to keep the dust away.

32. Storage for the Kitchen

Hide your garlic, onions, potatoes, and other produce in a subtle way.

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33. Universal Recycler

Recycle anything with the help of your trusted tote bag. Cans, paper, plastic, other bags you name it. One bag can be your trusted universal recycler for everything.

34. Package Filler

Add to packages when shipping something more expensive.

35. Apply waxes and creams

Save your hand from drying out.

36. Unpotted plants best friend

Fill the bag with soil, and the plant is ready to be transported to its final location.

37. Knee Pad

We recommend using it when you need to put your knees down on the floor.

38. Cover

Unexpected downpour? Use the bag to cover the things you want to save from the upcoming disaster.

39. Be yourself

Choose a tote bag that reflects you and show it to the world!

Be yourself with a tote bag

40. Fulfillment & Bliss

A piece of art that is the tote bag you have chosen for yourself creates fulfillment and bliss to you.

41. Makeshift belt

Might come in handy sometime.

42. Fancy party Gimmick

Bring a highly customized tote bag to a party that fits the theme and shock everyone with it.

43. Raincoat / Save your hair!

Our definite best life saver. When it hits the fan, duck and cover put it over your head to not get wet. A tote bag will always be at your side.

44. Decorate, Decorate, Decorate

Decorate everything with bags!

45. Save the world

Pretty cool for a tote bag.

46. Save the universe

Unexpected, but good to know!

47. Gift Wrapping paper

Why not give a unique gift using a tote as the wrapping paper.

48. Feel superior

Over plastic bag users

49. Save the ice caps from melting.

Every action counts towards the bigger goal!

50. Replace single-use bags

Replace all the single-use bags whether plastic, carton, or paper.

51. Vomit Holder

While we don’t recommend it, it might save you an awkward moment.

52. Place to sit

Have a convenient thing to sit on everywhere you go!

53. Picnic Bag

Bring your delicious food to the picnic, lay it all down and then rest on it if you forgot to take a blanket.

54. Plant Protector

The natural state of a tote bag is letting it be used as a protector for plants.

55. A Gift

A tote bag gift will make your friends day. The many uses it has makes it a perfect long-lasting gift.

56. A Fantasy

Let your imagination go wild!

57. Save money

Save money by not purchasing new bags at the store. A tote bag can cost you more now, but in the long run, you’re saving a ton.

58. Wallet

Why have two different bags when you can have only one!

59. Yard Sale Companion

Make your neighbors jealous of your beautiful and large tote bag that can carry all the best deals.

60. Light Travel

Pack lightly to your next travel destination so you can fit everything you need in just a small tote bag. Learn how to travel lightly with just a tote bag. Tips on what and how to pack. Click here!

61. Hand Bag

Replace all of your other handbags with a tote bag. You won’t regret it!

62. Backpack replacer

Who wants a backpack anyway!

63. Hidden Locker

Your personal secret stash. No one expects a tote to include anything valuable!

64. Learn something new

Learn a new language if you try hard enough.

65. Save time

Get out of the house faster when using a trusted bag with everything necessary already packed in.

66. It’s Cool

It’s cool and you know it.

67. Beach Bag

A waterproof tote bag will save your day at the beach! Learn how to pack to the beach under 60 seconds!

Take a tote bag to the beach

68. Wash it countless times.

No matter the activity you can always clean it

69. Storage Bag

Whether you’re stashing some clothes, magazines or kitchenware, a tote bag will help you with that.

70. Big Envelope

Send a personalized letter in personalized bag to impress.

71. Vase for flowers

Embrace your creativity and create a beautiful vase for your flowers with a bag.

72. Hand protector

A Makeshift glove in an instant for every need you might have.

73. Paintbrush

While we don’t recommend, you could use it as a paintbrush to save another paintbrush or add some cool designs to your bag while enhancing your painting.

74. Piece of art

Art is about perspective, that’s why with a cool tote bag you can share a different story.

75. Picnic cooler

Pop a block of ice in the bottom, maybe some cloth on top and the drinks on top of it and you’re good to go!

76. Sell Bread

Create 10 of your best baguettes and start selling them in the neighborhood. Acquire the right tote that matches your branding!

77. Enjoy life

Sometimes the simplest things a bag can do is this: let you enjoy your life and day to the fullest.

78. Flour Container

Set aside some flour in the bag to give it a more rustic feeling to the house.

79. Buy Flowers

Buy flowers for your loved ones and deliver them without harming the flowers.

Flowers in Tote Bag | Xantiago Tote Bags

80. Bring out your personality

A tote can match perfectly with you. A right color and sense style can go a long way to bring out your personality to the world.

81. Memorabilia

Return to your beautiful memories while looking at the bag you were holding that day.

82. Laptop bag

Transport your laptop easily with a tote that has the strength to hold it. Discard the regular bag you would use for a fashionable look!

83. Purse

Replace your current purse with a detailed tote bag and smile.

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84. The Bag of Bags

Store every imaginable bag within the tote bag itself. Store your excess single-use bags and use them, then start using your new one as your primary bag.

85. Special Case Bags

Create a couple of tote bags for multiple uses: for school, for office, for the evening so can you always leave the house on time!

86. Bowl

A waterproofed bag can serve as a bowl too!

87. Tax Folder

Why keep your finances and tax files in a boring place like an office folder when you can spice it up! As a bonus, you might remember to check them once in a while too.

88. Hide your jewels

Create a secret compartment in the bag so you can store items like jewels and other smaller valuables.

89. Carry wood

Find the best lumber from your yard or a dealer and carry it back inside into the fireplace and enjoy.

90. Plant a Tomato

Out of flowers pot, don’t worry, you can always use a tote to replace one. You can also put your flower pot inside the tote to improve your home decor.

91. Anger Therapy

Fill one with flour, dough or plain dirt, to make a convincing punching bag to reduce your stress quickly.

92. Pillow

After you have punched one out with the punching bag, it’s time to make a pillow out of the bag and relax.

93. Organize your life

Create a system where every bag has a different purpose in your life. It will help you organize your life for the better.

94. Wait for the train

While waiting for things you can’t control, it’s good to have a moment to yourself with your bag.

95. Pets paradise

Make a comfy bed for your cat or dog. Be sure the bag is strong and large enough to handle that kind of damage!

96. Optimism

A new bag always gives out optimism for the future.

97. Photo Opportunity

A new tote bag will give you hundreds of photo opportunities for you to choose from.

98. Great for camping

A side bag to take all the smaller yet necessary things with you to camping.

99. A Statement

Tell a story of yourself without words to give out the perfect first impression.

100. Walk more

A tote bag will inspire you to walk more because it is light to take everywhere. You also want to show off those designs to everyone!

101. Secret Santa

The Perfect place to hide your secret Santa gifts!

102. Clothes freshener

Open a good smelling fragrant inside the bag and add your clothes and after a couple of minutes, your clothes will have your favorite scent.

103. First Aid Kit

Make a fashionable first aid kit with a red tote bag. Remember to add all of the contents of a ready-made first aid kit to the new bag.

104. Crafts Fabric Holder

Stack all of your old pieces of clothing in the bag to have them available quickly for your next crafting inspiration.

105. Ripen Fruits Faster

Try out ripening avocados, peaches, tomatoes, bananas and peaches. You’ll be surprised!

Use tote bag to ripen avocados

106. Secret Snack Stash

Like hiding your jewels in the tote bag, you can always hide some precious snacks too. Keep them away from sight until you need them the most.

107. Emergency Cleaning Cloth

Never know when a cloth is required to be at service.

108. Serving Food

Have three plates for four guests? No problem put out your tote bag and make it to a unique serving plate in seconds.

109. Embrace a beautiful sunset

Suddenly the sunset is more beautiful than ever before, and you have only fifteen minutes to enjoy it. Take a couple of drinks quickly from the fridge, put them in the tote bag, and run to the sunset. Experience beauty at a moments notice.

Use your Tote Bag in a sunset

110. General Cable Bag

Combine all of your excess cables into place. Hang the tote near where you can always reach for that audio cable when you need it the most.

111. A Diary

Write snippets of your thought directly on the canvas of your tote bag. Share with others how you feel about the world and them. In case of a great idea serves well as paper.

112. Plant an Aubergine

Your average pot might not be able to handle the growth of an aubergine, but your tote bag might! Let it rise and enjoy the growth of something great!

113. A Companion

A trusted bag will never leave your side if you don’t leave it first.

114. Love

You will fall in love with the tote bag that has helped you go through the tougher times, giving a helping hand whenever it could.

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115. Losing It

Forgetting your tote bag can be painful, but it’s a normal thing to happen. Gladly there are always options to find your new best companion!

116. Fill a Hole

A mysterious hole in the wall or floor? The right colored tote bag will save the day.

117. Window Cover

We all need some extra privacy from time to time.

118. Gym Bag

Suits well for the stinky gym wear after a hard workout. Remember to freshen it up before using it again.

119. Plant Cactus and other succulents

Create your perfect and gorgeous hanging garden in no time!

120. Weekend Bag

Always have a weekend bag ready to hit the activities you desire!

121. Takeout Food

Carry your takeaway food in a lovely tote bag.

122. A Wallpaper

Combine all your old tote bags into a unique wallpaper.

123. House Warming Gift

As you’ve read a tote bag has many properties that can be useful for you. Why not give one as a house warming gift to your beloved ones.

124. Travel to a new place

Take your new tote bag to a new adventure.

125. Live Life to The Fullest

Remember to do things that make you smile, happy, and enjoy life to the fullest. A great bag will help in your journey.

126. Inspiration

A good and an impressive bag that matches you and you alone will bring the most inspiration to take on anything that comes your way.

127. Be Happy

Remember to strive for happiness.

After all of the possible ways to use a tote bag, you might be wondering: How to get rid of a tote that is becoming too old? In short, you don’t. Repair the tote bag until you can’t see the original.

In the end, a tote bag is simply everything.

If you enjoyed reading the whole set of ideas, Share the post with someone that might like it too. We would appreciate that so much! If you think we missed some great ideas you’d like to add, share a comment below and we’ll include it in!

With love,
The Crew from Xantiago.

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